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but surgery. >> that was indiana governor mitch daniels at this action conference. he's a man of strong views on the american economy. he joins me now. thank you for joining me. keeping the republic by trusting americans. america's best governor it says in the new york times. >> i don't know what made him say that. >> how are you going to keep the republic? >> i hope we're going to do it by first of all placing the future ahead of the present which is to say matching long-term means with ends. we're badly out of whack as we all know. huge debts today. like so many other developed countries. and worse still we've made unfundable commitments for tomorrow. the growth of the private sector. what's troubling me most, piers, is that it's not just our economy at stake. i think it's the whole american prospect, the american promise of upward mobility for all. and i go so far as to suggest really the whole project of governor of the governed here is on trial here. as philosophered predicting it would be. >> you're the knife and the blade when you worked for president bush. but this is a guy that broug
't know us. and then thinking, we're from a small house in gary, indiana, with humble beginnings. so we were not privy to crooks and people who had hidden agendas. >> were any of the family attend the trial? >> oh, yes. >> will you be there? >> absolutely. >> every day? >> i'm going to try to be there as much as i can, yes. >> how do you think you'll feel when you see conrad murray standing there? >> i don't feel good about him before i knew him so i'll feel the same way. but what i want for this whole thing is for michael's death not to be a question of murder. too many people loved him. do you know, michael, he was -- he touched the hearts of many people around the world. that's important. that's why the world cried when he passed because they understood him. >> let's take a break, jermaine, and then come back and go back to those early days in indiana. go back to the young michael and the dreams that he had and you all had as a family. >> sure. >> aeg, producers of michael jackson's tour declined to comment and they ignored michael jacks jackson's frail health or pushed him too hard.
community. they're from louisiana, california, indiana, illinois. every year you keep seeing more t-shirts for more locations. after katrina we just jumped on his bandwagon. this whole paying it forward thing is contagious. >> it's a big dysfunctional family reunion of all the disaster survivors who get together and do a barn raising. >> those relationships help you heal.
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)